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    “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress.
    Working together is success.”
    -Henry Ford

    In the last few weeks, our global community has been forced to change the way we work and interact, and redefine what it means to come together. We at Chill IT have had to look at what that means for us, and how to work closely when we can’t work close.


    Chill IT like most businesses is taking the COVID-19 situation seriously and is putting the health and welfare of our community first – our team, our clients and our other stakeholders. We have put in place appropriate precautionary measures to limit potential exposure. This includes:

    • encouraging working from home where possible
    • limiting personal meetings or events
    • using virtual / video calls for meetings wherever possible – internal, client and stakeholder
    • limiting business travel
    • limiting technician on sites

    Our Technicians

    Our technicians are the key to providing quality support and we have the appropriate support coverage and systems in place to continue to be able to support our clients. The main precautionary measure is for Chill IT technicians to work from home and work as remotely as possible. Where a client on-site visit is required they will go directly from home. This is a precautionary measure to minimise unnecessary contact and to keep our technicians isolated from other people and each other so that we minimise the risk of group contamination.

    Our Clients

    We will NOT send someone on-site who we know has the COVID 19 symptoms. Please be patient as these circumstances mean the availability of technicians may not be as readily available as usual.

    What can you do for your business?

    We recommend that you consider

    • Setting up your employees to work from home. This is a standard service we offer, but it is in high demand at the moment. Please click here if you wish to request this service.
    • Introduce video meeting capability such a Microsoft Teams or Zoom to meet with external clients, stakeholders & staff. Please click here if you wish to request this service.
    • There is also a global shortage of hardware (eg desktop & laptop PCs) so if you need to replace these devices please act early as there may be delays as we only have limited stock on hand.
    • Watch out for the COVID 19 SCAMs

    If you need to contact us to help you with the above or for normal support contact us in the usual ways or 1300 726 679.

    Also, look at the Federal Government stimulus package to see how it can assist your business.

    Rest assured, Chill IT is well-positioned and prepared to work through this situation. Although we feel our plan is good for our clients, our colleagues, and the community, we will certainly not be perfect as we move through this situation. We ask for your patience and we will continue to communicate any updates and other measures we’re taking as the situation progresses.

    Kind regards,
    Justin Melton
    CEO of Chill IT