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    CHILL IT provides full network support to make sure that your internal network, computers, printers, Internet and wi-fi are working 24/7. CHILL IT makes sure that your network is set up and maintained for trouble-free, secure business all the time. We provide you with modern, robust and flexible infrastructure to support your current and future business needs. CHILL IT will help you migrate to a high-performance network environment. Our Network Management Services transform your networks, applications and platforms into a single, integrated environment that future-proofs your business.
    CHILL IT supplies, installs and maintains all your computing equipment. We build networks to:
    CHILL IT offers peace of mind – you know that your IT partner understands your needs and has the knowledge to keep your business running hassle-free.
    We install network and manage

    Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

    Our network operations centre (NOC) continuously monitors your systems and can identify potential issues before they become a problem.
    This team also complete schedule maintenance out of business hours that would otherwise impact a clients users access to systems or applications.

    Backup and Recovery Solutions


    Creating a backup and restore plan is a critical part of any network deployment. CHILL IT will create a plan for your organisation, fully understanding the size and scope of your network. We will determine a backup storage strategy that will best meet your needs. We also test the integrity of your backups by performing trial restorations on a regular basis.
    CHILL IT will identify the unique features of your data structure when creating a backup and restore plan. Factors to be considered include clustering, offsite data storage, and mirrored drives.
    CHILL IT will quickly tell you whether we have a good opportunity of data recovery after a loss. Losses may be caused by storage media fails, electrical/mechanical damage, accidentally or deliberate erasure, virus or malware infection
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