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    The cloud in its simplest is using someone else’s computer! It can be confusing but really there are two basic options

    Software as a Service (SaaS):

    This is software that is hosted and run on the cloud (someone else’s computer). It is accessed online (via your internet connection) and is usually bought as a recurring licence or subscription. SaaS is hosted on the vendor’s computers, and they manage the computing resources and data processing. The vendor also manages the security updates and delivery of new features as they develop and innovate.
    The benefits of SaaS are

    What support do you need for SaaS applications?

    1. Multifactor Authentication
    2. Single Sign-On to simplify logging on when you have multiple applications
    3. Security / integration settings with other software – most notably Microsoft
    4. Help desk & trouble shooting
    5. Training
    Chill IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner and provide Microsoft 365 subscriptions. We also supply many other subscriptions such as Cisco Duo, Trend Micro, Acronis and SkyKick.

    Infrastructure or Platform as a Service (IaaS or PaaS)

    This is where the cloud acts as your online server as an alternative to owning and managing a physical server on your premises. Whether it is IaaS or PaaS is simply how much of the server, operating systems, applications, performance and data you manage and how much someone else manages. This will vary depending on your business type, industry, size and level of inhouse IT expertise.

    Chill Cloud is uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

    If you want to

    Chill Cloud

    Chill Cloud is Chill IT’s fully managed Microsoft Azure solution. Microsoft Azure provides the cloud computing infrastructure. Chill IT the management. This includes
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