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    Charity Begins at Work – Using Your Business Practices to Give Back

    At Chill IT we send out Christmas Cards and in some cases a gift. Last year we re-thought our approach slightly to see how we could use this regular expenditure to also help those in need. We did two simple things:

    • Christmas cards – We decided to work with the Children’s Medical Research Institute (Jeans for Genes) to design our Christmas cards. We then got them printed locally and for each card that we printed, we donated $2 to the CMRI charity. CMRI is an independent organisation committed to finding treatments and cures for children’s genetic diseases.

    This is a simple way to donate $100’s or $1000’s to the community without really impacting your bottom line. There are plenty of charity options in this space – a quick internet search and you should be able to find one that aligns with you.

    • Christmas Gifts – This year has been really tough for the farmers with so many regional towns being impacted by drought and now by the bush fires. So we decided to buy a box of cherries straight from the farm gate to support our farmers. We also gifted sweet Gingerbread houses to our valued clients as for Christmas.

    We are giving back to the community and demonstrating our good corporate citizenry. Not only will it make you feel good, it will also help your business grow because your team will be proud of the contribution. Employee engagement is key to the culture and results.