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    Chill IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of a handful of approved Qualified Multitenant Hoster’s (QMTH) in Australia. We have delivered hundreds of migrations to Microsoft cloud and specialise in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services.

    Microsoft 365

    We specialise in Microsoft 365 for business and enterprise customers. It is easy to rollout and manage and has built in security. It is a growing portfolio of secure (and integrated) productivity and collaboration apps to help your team be their best.

    Want to migrate?

    Microsoft 365 is more than outlook and emails


    Microsoft 365 is more than access to files.

    It is for working better together to build and edit your documents through collaboration

    Microsoft 365 is more than Office Apps

    (ie Word, Excel, PowerPoint). It is for applications that help you manage your information and processes

    Microsoft 365 is more than Teams video calls.

    It is for engaging your clients and stakeholders.

    Do you want to get the most out of Microsoft 365 but don’t know how?

    Do you want an easy online training tool?

    Where do you need support for Microsoft 365?

    1. Microsoft licences & subscriptions (what included and what are the add on?)
      1. Not for profit
      2. Security Inclusions and Add ons
      3. Reporting
    2. Architecture design and setup
      1. Mail and mailbox
      2. Group Policies
      3. Teams
      4. SharePoint
    3. Maximising your Microsoft Security Score
    4. Maximising your Microsoft Productivity Score
    5. Identity and Access
      1. Multifactor Authentication
      2. Single Sign-On
    6. Managing your Active Directory and group policy
    7. Help desk & trouble shooting
    8. Training
    Chill IT - Services - Get more done
    Chill IT - Services - Point
    Get More Done
    Be more productive with AI-powered Office tools and services.
    Chill IT - Services - Work better together
    Chill IT - Services - Point
    Work Better Together
    Collaborate with tools that let your team work from anywhere.
    Chill IT - Services - Build your business
    Chill IT - Services - Point
    Build Your Business

    Get more customers and run your business more efficiently.

    Chill IT - Services - Safeguard your data
    Chill IT - Services - Point
    Safeguard your Data

    Protect your company against external threats and data leaks.

    Chill IT - Services - Simplified
    Chill IT - Services - Point

    Easy to set up and manage, giving you time back.

    Microsoft Azure

    The cloud in its simplest is using someone else’s computer! In this case Microsoft’s.
    Many businesses wholly or partially (hybrid) leverage cloud computing over managed server to
    Microsoft Azure is the secure cloud computing infrastructure offers essential computing power, storage, and networking resources on demand. You benefit from Microsoft’s scale

    Chill Cloud is Chill IT’s fully managed Microsoft Azure solution.

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