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    Help desk service without the hassle
    Help desk service without the hassle

    Using the Chill IT Help Desk gives our clients all the advantages and benefits of a corporate help desk service without the cost, resourcing and management hassles. Simple and complex issues are solved quickly and efficiently and your systems and people are soon up and running and working productively.

    Chill IT Help Desk, is a subscription service that lets you benefit from full-time operators who are up-to-date with network and software issues. You have a highly-trained, industry-accredited, team that is on constant call to solve your problems. We provide round the clock support.

    Chill IT offers both online and on-site support. High-speed Internet connections allow most problems to be solved via remote connection. This saves you time and money and gets your systems and people back up running quickly with little lost production.

    Your information and data is safe
    Your information and data is safe

    Creating a backup and restore plan is a critical part of any network deployment. Chill IT will create a plan for your organisation, fully understanding the size and scope of your network. We will determine a backup storage strategy that will best meet your needs. We also test the integrity of your backups by performing trial restorations on a regular basis.

    Chill will identify the unique features of your data structure when creating a backup and restore plan. Factors to be considered include clustering, offsite data storage, and mirrored servers.

    CHILL IT will quickly tell you whether we have a good opportunity of data recovery after a loss. Losses may be caused by storage media fails, electrical/mechanical damage, accidentally or deliberate erasure, virus or malware infection.

    Be confident in facing the unexpected
    Be confident in facing the unexpected

    CHILL IT helps businesses ready themselves for the unexpected. We maintain data centres that back up your data over your Internet connection so that disasters will not affect your business.

    New technology allows us to duplicate your systems. This gives you confidence that your business will not be affected by disasters, accidents, human errors or malfunctions. Our independently tested and audited solutions will make sure you have guaranteed backups in place.

    Every organisation is unique. Your infrastructure, computer systems (hardware and software), business processes and specialised procedures all combine in a unique way.CHILL IT will help you develop Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans tailored to your unique business needs. We provide disaster recovery and business continuity planning and will assist you with choosing options.

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