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    Internet security experts are urging people to update their software to protect against a serious vulnerability, which if exploited could spread uncontrollably via the common wireless technology bluetooth.

    The so-called ‘BlueBorne vulnerability’ could allow hackers to spread from device to device over bluetooth without the owner’s knowledge.

    The managing director of international cyber security firm Threat Intelligence, said this could be one of the most dangerous security flaws that has come out to date.

    The vulnerability is considered serious, as the researchers who found it say an exploit could spread without people clicking on a link or being on the internet.

    “It’s estimated to potentially affect up to 8 billion around the world, and that’s because it’s got the capability to infect Window, Linux, Android and iOS devices prior to iOS 10

    Ways to reduce the risks of being infected:

    • Turn off Bluetooth for the moment – until the vendors patch the phone.

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