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    You put together a multi-data report each week that takes most of your day to prepare. You are using a single screen computer, so you have to jump from the report you are preparing for the data sources you are working from.

    Why not work with two screens, one for the resource data to be displayed on and one for the report you are preparing? There has been some research on this topic, and the results are promising.

    Study by Dell

    Dell, the computer maker, did a case study on the use of dual monitors and found that dual-screen users spent 5% less time than single monitor users. Those who worked from dual screens found it easier to find the resource data making it more pleasant to complete the task.

    It was found that users of dual screens were 42% more productive than single monitor users.

    U of U Study

    The University Of Utah conducted a dual-screen study and found it was easier to start the work and were able to work faster than those using a single screen. Another bonus, fewer mistakes when using dual screens.

    The studies further show that it takes less time to complete specific tasks with two monitors in use:

    • Data entry
    • Drafting emails from source data
    • Product comparisons
    • Checking finished graphics against the original
    • Preparing spreadsheets

    And, you can leave the chat box open as you work. The U of U study also found using twin screens saved about 2.5 hours per day.

    If your employees had a second Monitor:

    There are 2.5 hours saved per day per employee, you have 30 employees that is 75 hours saved daily, 375 per week, 1650 hours per month equating to 18,825 hours per year.


    Take-Aways That Count

    Here are the benefits of having your employees use dual screens to complete their work.

    1. Work is completed more efficiently.
    2. Valuable time is saved by not switching from one document to another.
    3. Cutting and pasting data is done quicker and with fewer errors.
    4. Video conferencing can be done on one screen while the second screen can be used to display data.
    5. The code can be written on one screen and reviewed on the other.

    It is always about your bottom line or ROI, your employees using dual screens to get the work done will be an investment you will not regret.


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