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    You run a small business online, you have customers, they buy your products, and services, you get paid. It seems very simple. It is, the hard part is deciding which online invoicing service or software to use so you can collect payment. Here is something to consider starting with invoicing services or software that your customers might be using.

    When choosing an invoicing service or software, ask this question,

    “Do I need a paid service or software since my business is still small?”

    The answer, not at first, as your company grows, you can look into upgrading. Some platforms are popular with people who shop online; they invoice for free and allow for recurring invoicing or payments.

    When businesses fail for financial reasons, poor cash flow is to blame 82% of the time.

    Make It Easy On your Business

    An excellent choice for small businesses to start is one of the three following invoicing sites:


    PayPal started in the ’90s as one of the first to process payments for online shoppers. PayPal has grown to offer a complete suite of financial solutions for both small and large businesses alike. PayPal offers invoicing and receipt of payment through the same invoice.

    Invoices are customized to your specifications, making them unique to your company. There are fees attached to learn more check into setting up a PayPal business account. 



    Stripe supports the electronic transfer of funds from a customer’s bank to your business bank as compensation for goods and services. Stripe embeds card payments from different companies into a single account used to accept credit card payments.

    Stripe does have payment fees, provides a payment gateway, which is a necessary tool to accept credit card payments online. To determine if Stripe is the right tool for your small business, click the website to learn more.



    Square offers one the best values in the point of sale system (POS) on the market. The Square POS app is free to download and use; the hardware choice comes with Square POS pricing. 

    There are many options to choose from when opting to use Square, such as inventory tracking or top-line employee management capabilities.


    Which to Choose Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

    The Bookkeeper

    Bookkeepers perform the daily task of recording financial transactions, post to the debit and credit columns in the general ledger. Bookkeepers also, complete payroll, create and send out invoices, and maintain the supporting documents required by IRS law.

    The Accountant

    An accountant is often a college graduate with a Masters in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). They prepare financial statements, analyze operations costs, complete tax forms, and are the business owner’s financial advisor.

    Accountants have a better understanding of profitability and cash flow in business operations.

    Tip:  Online (eg FreeLancer) or even remote overseas resources can be cost effective options for these skills.

    Your Choice

    PayPal, Stripe, or Square are not the only choices for small business owners to choose from to do their invoicing. There a lot more out there, these three were chosen because their invoicing service is free. Other software can do more and as you grow you may need to upgrade if your business becomes more complex or need integrated financial systems.

    Online business is here to stay financial services offered by invoicing services growing right along with the internet. Making the right choice in invoicing services is only going help with your bottom line, Cash Flow.

    If you need some advises before making the choices, please call Call us at 1300 796 246 or email