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    Office 365 Email Scam Attack

    Please be aware that Office 365 users are being targeted in a convincing email phishing attack. An email stating to be from Office 365 is being sent to end users asking to review the delivery of a failed message.

    While the email can look realistic, there are some major red flags to look out for. Listed below are some key points with which you can verify if the email that you have received is a scam email or not.

    1. Sender’s Address – The ‘from’ address is not from a Microsoft Office 365 Domain.
    2. The email is not addressed to your ‘Username’ rather states ‘User’.
    3. This is meant to scare you into clicking and logging in to the fake sign in screen before having a chance to think about it too much.

    From the points mentioned above, we can confirm that it is a scam email.

    email scam

    Ways to reduce the risks:

    • Not to click on any links or attachments in these emails.
    • Delete all odd or suspicious emails right away.
    • If you are unsure if it is a scam email or not, it is always recommended to search the exact contents of the email in the internet.

    The Australian Government website Scamwatch is a good site for alerts, you can subscribe and will receive periodic updates which you should find helpful – Around this time of year there is also a surge in emails purporting to be from the ATO, be vigilant!

    If you suspect that you have received any of these scam emails, you may have clicked on the links accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT on 1300 726 679