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    The cloud’s ability to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and adapt to changing conditions has quickly made it a business necessity. However, for some, it represents an unknown challenge, with the migration process seeming like more trouble than it’s worth. 

    Research reveals that business leaders find migration overly costly and it will ultimately take away their decision-making power. This is likely due to the lack of awareness around how the cloud functions and the ways it can improve business performance.

    In truth, these perceptions are largely unfounded. For example, Microsoft Azure provides thousands of useful applications that facilitate the management, growth, and optimisation of businesses while offering a cost-effective and seamless onboarding process that makes migration easy.  

    Below, we have investigated and dispelled common cloud myths that might be preventing you from embracing the cloud and Azure migration. 

    MYTH: it is too complicated and complex to move to the cloud, and will impact business continuity

    Many believe that the process of Azure migration will force your business to cease operations until the process is complete. However, while there may be brief instances of downtime, prior planning and assessment significantly diminish these moments. 

    The assessment in particular is an important stage in the Azure migration journey. It includes a real-time review of business data to craft a clear and achievable roadmap for cloud migration. This covers things like your strategies, costs, capacities, and workloads. 

    Chill IT will help prepare these findings and present them to you as a detailed report, typically within 72 hours of the assessment. This will allow us to uncover the best migration strategy depending on the size and scale of your business. The report may reveal that migrating to Azure will only take a few weeks with no impact on your operations, or it could uncover that your business has a lot to process so would be best suited to a phased approach to minimise disruption. 

    MYTH: maintaining your legacy systems is more cost effective than migrating to the cloud

    Despite a few upfront costs, Microsoft Azure will demand less expenses from your business than the maintenance of legacy systems and physical IT infrastructure. These systems struggle to measure up to the processing power and speeds of newer software applications and technology. So, sticking with your current infrastructure means you will spend more on CPU, memory, and other resources just to perform tasks considered simple in today’s landscape. Essentially, nostalgia will end up being costly and hold you back from your full potential. 

    The cloud not only saves you from this, but it also gives you the power to reduce your operational costs. Azure includes automatic updates and software, along with cost management and analysis tools that help you understand the costs of being in the cloud. You can set spending thresholds, use it to identify ways to change workloads to optimise costs, and leverage automated tools that significantly improve your business processes. You could even save up to 34% in your first year by monitoring and reducing spend through Azure’s Microsoft Cost Management tool. 

    MYTH: using the cloud is difficult and demands significant training, onboarding and restructuring.

    Adopting new technology will always require some time to learn, whether it’s becoming familiar with new applications or adjusting to a new process. 

    Luckily, Azure has been specifically created to help with this process, with a user-friendly configuration that allows any business to flourish without needing significant IT knowledge. 

    Chill IT will also provide you with subsidised Azure technical training through Microsoft Learning and accredited partners. You will also be able to access an entire library of self-guided resources to support your unique needs. Step-by-step guidance from Azure engineers is also available to allow for a smooth transition.

    MYTH: moving to the digital space exposes you to cyber attacks and IT issues

    Migrating to the cloud might feel like exposing your business to threats and uncertainties, but Microsoft Azure is armed with appropriate defences to keep your business safe and operational. 

    Microsoft Azure invests a whopping $1 billion into cyber security every year, which makes Azure one of the most secure cloud platforms available. Along with support from a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts, Azure also provides built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities that help minimise downtime and data loss. It also offers 99.95% availability for its users, 24/7 support, and continual health monitoring via a network of data centres in more than 60 locations around the world.

    Book your cloud assessment and begin your Azure migration with Chill IT

    Now that you understand the truth of the cloud, we are here to help you embrace the benefits of Microsoft Azure. Chill IT can show you how to arrange your Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment so you can harness the full potential of the cloud. 

    Our dedicated and professional team will take you through the migration process, facilitating a smooth and secure transition for your applications and data. Operating in Azure gives you access to a variety of cloud services that can empower innovation, enhance your collaboration, and drive your business to new levels of success. 

    Don’t get left behind. Harness all the advantages of cloud technology and register below for your cloud assessment. You’ll discover how to move your business to new heights in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure.