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    Microsoft have announced changes to their commercial pricing for Microsoft 365. Microsoft have made a host of improvements, adding numerous apps to their product suit, without any significant changes to their pricing over the past 10 year. This updated pricing reflects the increased value being delivered to customers through these innovations.

    Some businesses will see prices rise by 35%. Chill IT can help you keep your cool from the pressure of rising prices. Taking an annual commitment prior to 14th March 2022 will mean you can forgo the price rise until 2023.

    If you haven’t done so already, you need to act now to make sure you are on the right subscriptions.

    The key changes

    • Subscription prices rise by 10-25% depending on the subscription.
    • Microsoft will enforce ‘annual commitment’ terms
    • Introduce a month by month plan for flexibility. This will be 20% more than the ‘equivalent’ monthly price of an annual term (including the price rises from 14th March 2022 so impact could be 35%).
    • You can also have a combination of annual and monthly subscriptions.

    Some Indicative price rises

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic the price will rise by 20%
    Microsoft 365 Business Premium the price will rise by 10%
    Office 365 E1 the price will rise by 25%
    Office 365 E3 the price will rise by 15%
    Office 365 E5 the price will rise by 9%
    Microsoft 365 E3 the price will rise by 12.5%