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    Dear Clients,

    Please be aware Microsoft have released a patch for Outlook recently – this is affecting most users (but not all) from not being able to view or create emails in Outlook worldwide. To view the live status of Microsoft 365, please click here.

    12pm 12/05/2021 – Update from Microsoft

    Title: Issue affecting viewing email content

    User Impact: Users may have been unable to view email message content.

    Final status: We’ve confirmed that the fix successfully resolved the issue, though some users will be required to restart their email client for the change to take effect. In some circumstances, a second restart may be also be necessary.

    Please check in with your colleagues to see if they are experiencing this bug and if so – please advise of the following two options for a work around.


    – Hold ‘Ctrl’ key and click on the Outlook Application to open Outlook.
    – A pop-up will appear asking to open Outlook in safe mode.
    – Click ‘Yes’.
    – Another pop-up will appear asking to choose a profile name.
    – Click ‘Ok’.


    – Close any sessions of outlook and proceed with the following
    – Push Windows key + R (this will open the Run window)
    – In the run field enter outlook /safe and press the OK button.
    – When prompted, press ok to choose your profile and see if its fixed.

    This will get Outlook functional for more users experiencing this issue, however it is a workaround.

    If these two options do not resolve your issue please contact Chill IT on 1300 726 679.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.


    Chill IT