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    Government IT requires a unique mix of standardization and flexibility. The solution depends on which tier of government, the focus of the particular business or department and the type of work force that they have.
    What most Government departments have in common are

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 is a secure suite of applications that integrate for greater productivity, collaboration & teamwork. We can help you

    Federal Government

    Chill IT is a Registered Seller on Buy ICT for the following marketplaces

    State Government

    Chill IT is registered on buy.nsw and is currently completing the ICT Services Prequalification Scheme

    Local Government

    A Local Government’s IT environment needs to support a central management function, departments, elected members and a large distributed operational workforce that may include many part-time or casual workers. This work force wants simple IT systems, but it still needs to be securely engaged, communicated to, and supported.
    Chill IT is approved with Local Government Procurement for the following categories
    IT Hardware (on-premise)Decommission/Disposal
     Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Monitors
     Storage and back-up
     Wireless data devices/modems
     Other forms of IT Hardware
    Network Infrastructure (on-premise)LAN systems
     Network Applications
     Security devices
     WiFi devices
    Phone SystemsCommunications system/services Handsets, Headsets
     Conferencing systems (audio, web, video)
     Phone systems/unified comms system/services
    Telecommunications ServicesConference services (audio, web, video)
     Data network services
    Chill IT is currently in the approval process for
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