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    Scary monsters come to life for Halloween as humans don costumes to parade around as their favorite monster. Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” has been around for 2000 years when the Celtics held the festival of Samhain to celebrate the end of harvest.

    Large bonfires were lit to honor the dead and to commune with the spirits form the ante world. Here in the 21st century, Halloween has children and some adults dressing in scary costumes and going door to door “trick or treating.” Some monsters are real that you should be scared of here in the technological 21st century.

    Creatures from the Black Web 

    Lurking in cyberspace are living dead malware, cyber botnets, creepy viruses controlled by evil hackers ready to suck your computer dry of its valuable data.

    Are Autonomous Cars Safe?

    This evil genius hacks an autonomous car traveling in city traffic. It shuts down the automated system causing a multiple vehicle pile-up.

    Franken-hacker contacts city authorities and threatens to cause another pile-up if he is not paid a large sum of money. That is not only scary, but it’s also downright frightening.

    Autonomous car numbers are increasing, every day, another self-driving car is introduced to the driving world. Cars are equipped with such technological advances as accident avoidance systems, lane-guidance control, and many other technical systems to make cars fully autonomous.

    Slithering Malware Infesting Public Transportation

    WannaCry, anther grotesque slimy ransomware infected Deutsche Bahn’s computers and encrypted all the data, demanding $600 to restore service.


    An information monitor at a German train station displays the

    ransomware message Credit: @ZeichenTaten/Twitter.

    On 28 November 2016, San Fransisco’s public transit system was hacked, and cash machines would not take transit riders’ money.

    According to the article in Wired, the freakazoid hacker demanded 100 bitcoin ($73,000) to get the transit system running.

    The transit company refused to pay and unlocked all the gates so passengers could get to where they were going.

    The frightening prospect here is any automated system can be hacked, it’s not a matter of if it is a matter of when.

    Russian Zombie Attack 

    It seems that Israel’s government hackers were looking at computers in Kaspersky Labs, a cybersecurity company based in Moscow, Russia.

    What they found were hacking tools that belonged to the US Government’s National Security Agency (NSA).

    As a result, US government officials ordered all federal civilian agencies to remove Kaspersky software as it posed a security risk.

    (Source: Article by Dave Taylor in Computerworld, 27 October, 2017.)

    It appears that the Kremlin still works in the dark, creepy shadows of espionage using zombies like Kaspersky to do its dirty work.

    Cyber Zombies Just Won’t Die.

    As new ransomware or malware slither into our computers to suck our data dry or demand a ransom, the demon fighters, cybersecurity techies find a way to stop them.

    Once discovered and defeated, a new breed of cyber creature is spawned by the evil hackers to launch a new attack.

    Stay up to date on the new defenses against the cyber-zombie attacks and keep your data protected.