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    Google has added AI algorithms to its spam detection and has captured over 100 million spam messages. According to a February 2019 report indicating Gmail spam filters have become more aggressive in detecting spam.

    Source: The Verge

    Why do Emails move to Spam?

    The most crucial thing in determining where your sent messages will go, inbox or spam, is your reputation.

    Three Factors to Consider

    1. Contact History

    When your contacts have a history of clicking or opening emails sent from your, then emails sent in the future will get delivered. It doesn’t matter what the IP address is or the email the provider you use.

    2. Reputation of Your Domain

    ISPs will deliver your emails to your contacts when your standing with them is right, even if they are new contacts. On the other hand, when other Gmail contacts mark your emails as spam, ignore or unsubscribe then Gmail looks at this negatively. Gmail may look at your domain as one sending spam and forward your emails to the recipient’s spam box.

    3. Other Considerations

    What is the IP address sending your emails? IPs also have reputations, but the domain with the most clout is more important. Additionally, ISPs monitor your content of your sent emails for signs of spam.

    Have you been blacklisted? Many third-party agencies create blacklists for major ISPs. Should you find yourself blacklisted there should have been an email sent to you.

    This email explains why you were blacklisted and what you can do to remove your site from the blacklist. Do not ignore a blacklist notification email; doing so can permanently damage the deliverability of your emails.

    Gmail’s New Layout

    Right now, the new layout for Gmail is not the only available one. With all the buzz about the new layout, it is something email marketers should consider. Gmail has more than 425 million users, so inbound marketers must know how the layout functions.

    To get to use this new layout, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail. You will see five titles, Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

    Primary (Main Inbox):

    The highest priority, first up, allows for messages from family, friends, and contacts not appearing in any other tabs.

    TIP: Can you get your clients to save or trust your email addresses



    Emails sent from social, dating, and gaming platforms.


    Marketing, online deals or offers, and other developments will end up here. I personally had 16,586 emails in my ‘Promotions’ – mostly unread.


    Bill notifications, bank statements, even airline reservations will go here.


    Email from forums, discussion groups, etc. shows up here.

    Not Perfect

    Don’t expect perfection at first; some email will end up in the wrong tab, with cut and paste that is easy to fix. You know that the buyer has all the control in the online market relationship. It hasn’t been easy for them to manage filters, labels, stars, reminders, and so on. They didn’t always recognize the amount of control they had.

    With Gmail’s new filter system, your marketing emails aimed at your subscribers will end up in the primary tab for an easy read. With Gmail’s new filter system, you can rest easy and know that your marketing emails will arrive in your subscriber’s Primary tab.

    Gmail’s new layout should eliminate your emails going to spam by mistake, most of the time but it may also mean your emails aren’t being read.