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    Energy provider AGL has warned of a hoax email in circulation with the subject “AGL electricity bill”. The email includes a bill for electricity with a due date.

    AGL bill

    Anyone could receive this email even if you are not an AGL customer.

    These types of emails are scams, also known as phishing, that try to trick you into paying money or clicking on a link that will download malicious software onto your device. They are common scams that often pretend to be from a large organisation you trust and can be sent via email, SMS, instant messaging or social media platforms.

    Ways to reduce the risks of being infected:

    • Not to click on any links or attachments in these emails or text messages
    • Delete all odd or suspicious emails right away.
    • Remember AGL electricity bills will come from and include the supply address and account number.

    If you suspect you may have clicked on the links accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT on 1300 726 679.

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