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    As businesses in many parts of Australia begin to open their office environments and staff are given opportunities to return, there is an onus on employers to ensure that the work environment is COVID Safe to help protect staff, customers and visitors.

    The NSW Government has produced a series of recommendations for businesses to operate in a COVID Safe way. These recommendations revolve around the preparation of COVID-19 Safety Plans. Some businesses will need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan under the public health orders, but these can also be voluntarily completed.

    There are different plans for different industries, and they all provide advice on:

    • hygiene and safety
    • physical distancing
    • recording contact details of staff and customers
    • staff wellbeing

    As a COVID Safe business, you’ll be able to show customers that you’re committed to keeping them safe. Customers will also be able to provide feedback in real-time.

    As a business you could show that you are doing your part to keep our community COVID Safe, this would include:

    • Displaying your COVID Safe posters to make your customers feel confident
    • Consider using a contactless method such as a QR code to collect customer details for contact tracing
    • Share your completed COVID-19 Safety Plan with your staff to ensure their wellbeing
    • Display your COVID Safe badge on your digital and social channels such as Facebook and Google Maps
    • Train new workers to act in a COVID Safe way
    • Keep your plan up-to-date when there are changes to the rules.

    Full details of the NSW Government recommendations for businesses to operate in a COVID Safe way can be found at:

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