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    As COVID-19 spread across the globe, businesses made the sudden change from mostly in-house workers to remote workers. IT teams felt the heat. Suddenly, the need for secure business networks exploded as employees began to work from home. Businesses had to scramble to get secure internet connections from the homes of workers into their business networks quickly.

    Cybercriminals ever on the look-out saw this sudden change as an opportunity. The speed of change meant that businesses now had many more personal or bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) to manage, all on remote access with often non-business grade home environments. The urgency meant that some businesses may not have fully tested how secure their new hybrid network is. This has created a long list of potential security breaches. IT businesses of every ilk have had to turn up their security focus to Eleven.

    The rush to Zoom was a great example. The need for video conferences created a Zoom boom. Business was too frequently using personal or residential accounts and integration with security was often forgotten.

    What was typically the modus operandi of government business, larger high-tech corporations and at the other extreme micro businesses, has now suddenly become normalised for businesses of every size and industry. Working from home will likely become more frequent and part of the new normal for work-life balance.

    The IT industry has had to rapidly adapt to some of these changes in structure and demand.

    The big risk is that many small-medium businesses are still at risk due the rapid changes in their business models. IT companies need to be proactive in stepping in to help small-medium business stay protected.

    Chill IT can assess your current security status and implement additional protection if required. Fill out the form below or call us on 1300 796 246 to discuss the options.