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    A new ransomware campaign called ‘Bad Rabbit’ has started infecting many organisations globally. This scam will display a message advising that your files are “no longer accessible” and “no one will be able to recover them without our decryption service”.

    Bad Rabbit is infecting people by purporting to be a Flash update. It will then encrypt your files and make you pay a ransom.

    How will you get it?
    You will get it by a Flash Upgrade notification, make sure to not click on any Flash upgrade prompts.

    What will happen?
    Your files will be encrypted and you will be required to pay a ransom within the first 40 hours or so. When you are directed to the payment page you will be presented with a countdown timer and if the payment is not made before the time reaches zero the cost increases.

    How to avoid it?
    As always, be careful of any suspicious links or pop ups and ensure you have good and secure backups.

    We urge all customers to look out for these examples and if anything looks suspicious please contact our help desk immediately with the details below.

    1300 726 679