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    Just a reminder to everyone to be constantly vigilant of fake emails which are trying to obtain your personal information (phishing) or infect you with malware. We cannot emphasise enough, the importance of being both aware and sceptical of emails you receive.

    A recent example we have seen is an email advising that your mailbox is slowing down due to the storage almost being full. This prompts you to click a link to add additional storage.

    However, web addresses can look legitimate but with a slight, deliberate misspelling, which will divert you to a problematic site.


    The email may look like the below:


    You can usually detect whether emails like this are legitimate or not by hovering over the link provided, as shown below:

    Another example of a recent scam going around relates to apple users – there is scam pop up that can trick you into giving away your Apple ID login details.

    Please refer to the below link for further information:


    Ways to reduce the risks of being infected:

    • Not to click on any links or attachments in these emails.
    • Delete all odd or suspicious emails right away.


    The Australian Government website Scamwatch is a good site for alerts, you can subscribe and will receive periodic updates which you should find helpful –

    If you suspect you may have clicked on the links accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT on 1300 726 679