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    Customer service is the core of any business. It plays an essential role in building a sustainable customer base and allowing businesses to grow.  Live chat is an integral part of successful customer service, providing a way to communicate with customers in real-time and generate higher customer satisfaction levels.

    Live chat is great for customers because:

    • It connects customers instantly with the business.
    • Customer questions are answered quickly. Emails often require a lengthy back and forth, live chat can resolve issues in one session.
    • Customers can have their purchase-related queries answered on the spot. Customers really do appreciate help when it comes to buying decisions.
    • Conversations can be saved.It’s easier to guide customers through issues when their previous interactions can be referred back to for context.

    Businesses are always looking to find cost-effective customer service solutions and live chat can help with that. Offering real-time customer service and the chance to address multiple queries at once saves time, staff resources and ultimately money for your business.

    Chill IT can help you gain an edge over your competition by offering live chat on your website. Live chat is a fantastic way to build long-term relationships with your customers. When customers feel you are there to listen it builds loyalty. By providing  superior customer support with live chat on a customer’s first visit you are more likely to get a long term customer.

    If you would like Chill IT to upgrade your website to incorporate live chat functionality please fill out the form below or call us today on 1300 796 246.