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    All the advantages of having an enterprise level IT team without the hassle or the budget.

    Wide range of IT Skills

    With a large team of engineers, Chill IT has a wide range of skills and experience to meet your needs. This gives us the ability to upskill in new technologies and services so we can upgrade and evolve your IT solutions into the future.

    Importance of experience

    Being qualified doesn’t mean experienced. Chill IT deals with many clients, IT environments and vendors. We see common and rare problems more often than any in-house technician. This means our experienced Support Engineers know how to trouble shoot and resolve the problem more quickly.

    Be confident in facing the unexpected

    Chill IT helps you lower your risks. Technology changes quickly and often – keeping your IT skills up to date and building experience is challenging within a single business. We reduce your dependency on one or two internal people in case they leave your business or are unavailable for an extended period.

    Getting the best out of your IT investment

    Chill IT helps you control your cost structure and budget more effectively. We help you variablise your costs without variablising your IT support. Chill IT focusses your spend on practical solutions.

    Staying ahead and keeping up with the latest IT and Security

    Technology changes rapidly and cyber security threats change almost daily. Having an independent team that can identify improvements or risks and can then quickly implement a solution (or roadmap it for the future) keeps you nimble.

    Staying focused on your business, your clients, and your stakeholders

    Chill IT helps you reduce management overhead. You get clear IT advice so you can focus on your core business. No need to spend time and energy researching IT or cyber security options, or the admin time to manage the recruitment, performance and skills of IT staff.

    Level the playing field

    SMBs often need to compete with larger corporations, especially if you are targeting government, enterprises or regulated industries. You want to appear bigger than you are or meet specific security compliance benchmarks. Outsourcing to Chill IT helps give you the economy of scale of compete with bigger businesses.

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